About Us

Lovsteel Rack & Railing Company Ltd is located in Nanjing, the company is engaged in various steel framed products, it has business among 27 of 34 provinces and regions in China, by cooperating with domestic export companies its products have also been sold to customers abroad from different countries.

Lovsteel is dedicated to offering below range:

*Industrial racks & shelves for transportation and warehouse storage
*Guardrails & fences for protection and safety purpose
*Steel framed products for home and office supply

Lovsteel Rack & Railing Company Ltd is well managed in environment protection, quality control and service supply.
The company possesses two plants, and an enthusiastic team with professional sales persons, experienced engineers, laborious production and installation workers.

Lovsteel is devoted in the research, design, manufacture, as well as installation of above mentioned products, and owns lines for galvanizing and powder coating, and series of equipment for cutting, punching, stamping, or rolling requirement.

To better serve its customers, Lovsteel is continually striving in the road of improving and innovating its products and management, we expect with enthusiasm to have cooperation as well as good comments from both home and abroad customers.