Production Process: 
Our student bunk beds are made of good quality steel pipe, which is cut to fixed size and shaped by one-time stamping. The beds are welded by carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding. The welds are formed well and connect firm. After being welded into form, the beds will follow nine different processing procedures, like acid cleaning by immersion, degreasing, automatic spraying, etc. Finally, through treatments on electrostatic spray via an environmental spraying line, and high temperature baking, a finished student bunk bed is ready for sell.



The student bunk bed is strong and durable with complete steel material for production. Our student bunk bed is of fine workmanship with good quality. The surface of the bed is treated with environmental protection powder coating, so the bed is safe for your health with formaldehyde-free and odor-free. The student bunk beds can be made of various colors and shapes of high stability with the feeling of texture included.

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