Electric Mobile Racking

  • Model: CKHJ-003

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Electric mobile racking system provides nearly 100% warehouse storage capacity, and has been widely used in warehouses that require temperature control.

When use an Electric mobile racking, standard pallet racks are placed on the electric mobile base thus form a group of multicolumn shelves and only one working aisle is reserved. The shelf opens the required lane by controller, when a forklift needs to pick up the positioned goods.

The efficiency of accessing the goods can be improved if the remote control equipment is selected to work with a forklift.

In order to install a mobile racking, the warehouse ground needs special structural handling so that embedded rails can be fixed.



Mobile racks provide rapid handling of almost all types of palletized goods, with this rack pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually.

A mobile racking offers a wide range of options and components to accommodate specialized needs, so the rack is infinitely adjustable.

Not only retains optimum product accessibility but also maximizes space use in any warehouse configuration.

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