Gravity Roller Racking

  • Model: CKHJ-007

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Gravity roller racking is also called pallet flow racking, the racking is fixed with rollers on the rack at a fixed gradient , pallet put on the high side slide down depending on its own gravitation.
In order to avoid the collision and control the pallet slide speed, a set of damping system is installed on the roller line at every certain distance since the faster pallet slides, the more the resistance that damped system causes.
To separate the two lowest pallets a separating system is set up at the low end, so that the end pallet can be successfully picked up.
Working on a " first-in-first-out" basis, gravity flow roller racking provides extremely high storage density in a given area, therefore it is widely used in various industries.


When use a gravity roller racking, cargos can automatic flow with gravity of themselves, more convenient access with no forklift needed.
The rack works on a " first-in-first-out" basis with high storage density, and space utilization reaches 85%.
This gravity flow rack systems is perfect for storing categorized products in a neat and tidy way.

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