As an optimal loading system, the long span shelving is normally used for storing smaller or medium sized products that can be manually handled. Long Span shelves are versatile to provide their adaptability for any type of unit load, as they allow immediate access to all loading units. The long span shelving is allowed to be adapted to different types of goods with wide range of accessories and possible system configurations. This shelving can fully utilize its height, as through walkways inside the shelving system, with the help of a S/R crane or a picking truck you can easily access higher levels.


A heavier weight loading system, with longer loading beams.
Offers a loading weight Up to 1000kg per level.
Different available sizes of length, width, and height to maximum utilize your storage space.
All shelves or beams can be adjusted freely at 50mm pitch.
A wire mesh, a steel or wood board is optional for shelf panels.
A long span shelving consists of upright frames, weight supporting beams, and shelf panels.
The shelf can be assembled in minutes without difficulty.
Surface treatment can be powder coated or galvanized at your request.
Add on shelves can easily be installed to increase the storage capacity.
Widely used in retailing stores for those small in size and large quantity products.


Material: steel Q235/SS40
Surface Finish: epoxy power coated, or galvanized
Length: above 1500mm
Depth: 400-1500mm
Height: above 6000mm
Load Capacity: 200-1000kg

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