Mezzanine Floor Racking

  • Model: CKHJ-010

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Mezzanine floor racking uses shelf panels as supporting floor, a mezzanine can be freely designed as multilevel (two layers, three layers, or more). The mezzanine floor is equipped with stairs and lift etc, appropriate for high warehouse to storing small items, manual operation, and large quantity storage.

Mezzanine racking system can be designed so that not only hand pallet trucks but also electric pallet trucks can work on them. The material flow from the ground floor to upper platform is normally handled by forklift trucks or conveyor technology. A mezzanine also installs stairs for personal access to items in storage.

Mezzanine flooring is a high-density storage way specially for loose or boxed small goods.
A mezzanine platform comes with double-level or triple-level walkways for handling stored items manually.
The platform can work with hoisting machine, pallet jack, etc.
A platform mezzanine structure is an excellent solution to fully utilize existing overhead space and improve warehouse operation efficiencies.

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