Push back racking system runs by placing pallet loads on a series of nesting carts fed forward on rigid structural steel rails by gravity. carts nest together with a low profile to help save vertical space. As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. The front pallet is removed when unloading and the rear pallets automatically come forward to the front picking position, so this rack complies with Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory management. The push back system are available in structural or roll-formed frames. This kind of push back racking stores products 2 to 5 pallets deep with front only loading from a single aisle. Since each lane flows independently and vertical storage is operated separately from below lanes, this rack offers more versatile storage than drive in back.


A push back racking provides speedy accessibility with high storage density, not FIFO but FILO.
Trucks are kept outside the racking system, so the racking system offers a low damage working environment.
Conventional handling equipment can be used with push back racks.
It`s not so critical for the requirement of pallet quality as carts or cradles are always used.

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