Radio Shuttle Racking

  • Model: CKHJ-013

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A shuttle racking system consists of supporting rack, shuttle rails and a shuttle cart. The shuttle cart is propelled by an electric motor and runs on the rails.
The radio shuttle racking is a rack system with high density and effective storage solution to maximize the use of warehouse, which includes racking and electrically powered pallet runners and works with forklifts. 
The radio shuttle rack is improved from drive in racking with automation control principle added into the storage system to achieve more handling efficiency. The shuttle rack solution is an excellent storage option versus driving in racking, pallet flow racking, and floor racking. This automatic shuttle racking is widely used in food and beverage processing, cold, and general storage as well.


Pallets are loaded on a shuttle rack at the front of the lane that guides the pallet to the other end.
The built in sensor on the shuttle detects the position of previous pallets and places the new load at a predetermined distance next to them.
 The radio shuttle cart takes the pallets inside the racking lane and the forklift does not have to do so, therefore this automatic shuttle system is fast and effective with less time required to unload pallets.
Also since the forklift doesn`t have to run inside the racking unit, the rack system is well protected against danger of damage.

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